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EnduraData Shares Industry Standards for Improved Data Replication



Data Replication

The data replication market continues to grow as organizations strive to ensure their digital assets remain accurate, consistent, and safe. As a result, finance, healthcare, commerce, and government sectors have become heavily reliant on providing robust data replication and recovery.

There are several benefits of effective data replication. Firstly, always having up-to-date information that allows disaster recovery and continuity after any harmful events like disasters, hardware malfunctions, or ransomware attacks. It also improves data performance by reducing the effects of latency. Finally, replicated data within a network allows better and faster collaboration across networks and regions.

EnduraData’s EDpCloud File Sync and Replication Software is an enterprise-level software solution that provides replication and synchronization across physical or virtual environments across all operating systems and locations.

The software meets all the industry standards with its capabilities and is the perfect replacement for the discontinued Repliweb or Attunity. EDpCloud currently powers some of the largest government agencies, including the U.S. Social Security Administration, the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Meeting Industry Standards

Organizations need to scale their data stores as they grow them seamlessly. Therefore, data replication and file synchronization solutions must meet industry standards to ensure automated flows and protection as they transfer their data across operating systems and storage systems.

Moreover, businesses and governments need to move files of any size to various locations according to their operational needs. Therefore, a sound data replication system must meet all these requirements, moving data in real-time, on-demand, or scheduled mode.

EnduraData’s EDpCLoud software incorporates all the various requirements, meeting the standards due to its customizable applications. It allows configurations that match the needs of even the most demanding organizations. Using the infrastructure and storage provided by the organization, or the cloud, EDpCLoud meets their replication, synchronization, protection, and migration requirements in a process that ensures seamless automation.

Multi-Directional File Sync and Replication

Allowing configurations is vital for replicating and moving data since organizations may only want to replicate deltas and file changes or make complete copies. With EnduraData EDpCloud, enterprises can choose whether they need unidirectional, bi-directional, or multi-directional replication.

Furthermore, EnduraData EDpCloudu allows synced data to move over any distance and across several networks, meeting the industry standards for multi-national organizations with offices around the globe. Organizations can sync data and transfer files between as many branch offices, data centers, and clouds as they want.

Cross-Platform File Replication

Organizations often use various operating systems in their remote offices. EDpCloud allows automatic data replication and syncing across as many systems as required, including Linux, Mac, Windows, AIX, Solaris, and other UNIX systems.

The software monitors the file changes, sending only the deltas through the network to ensure data protection. With this solution, EDpCloud software also reduces vulnerabilities, risks, and costs.

Automated Workflows

Whether companies need file replication and synching between various operating systems, servers, clouds, and geographic sites, they require an adaptable design.

EDpCloud’s versatile file replication software can improve business processes and efficiency while protecting against ransomware. In addition, it provides backup and data protection, guarding against manufactured and other disasters while reducing recovery time.

The software can mirror data from virtual machines or clouds to physical servers, platforms to clouds, and vice versa. It also replicates data between clouds and can aggregate data from cluster to cluster. Therefore, organizations can adapt the software for their data warehousing and Big Data architecture applications.

Improved Productivity and Reduced Risks

Customers can mirror data according to their needs while maintaining complete control of their data on their servers and the cloud, automatically and securely.

Once configured to run automatically, EnduraData’s EDpCloud software securely replicates data in the background, allowing workflow to continue. As a result, with EDpCloud, organizations can increase operational efficiency and improve their decision-making by choosing the best data replication solutions, knowing they reduce replication risks, mistakes, and costs.

Final Take

Through its EDpCloud, EnduraData presents improved data replication solutions that meet the most demanding industry standards. The responsive data replication software is engineered to meet all data management challenges to help improve business processes and to reduce the risk of data losses and leaks. Above all, organizations can use their existing systems and infrastructure to sync and replicate files between clouds, regions, and sites, eliminating complexity while enhancing reliability, resilience, and performance.

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