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Darth Vader Facts You Don’t Know



Vader has long been one of the most beloved Star Wars characters. Played by various actors over time, and still a fan favorite in movies, television shows, video games and live appearances alike.

Darth Vader may surprise you with some unexplored facts! Here are a few you might not be aware of about him! Check them out below.

1. He was a slave

Darth Vader despised everything slavery stood for during his time in the Empire and therefore held himself as a slave.

Darth Vader was charged with finding the Rebel Alliance’s hidden base during the Galactic Civil War, as well as retrieving technical plans belonging to Death Star battle station stolen by rebel forces.

2. He was a Jedi

Darth Vader is actually Anakin Skywalker, who fell prey to the dark side. By becoming a Sith Lord and aiding in its destruction of the Jedi Order.

As thanks for his assistance, Vader was granted permission to kill many Jedi, marking what became known as the Great Jedi Purge, with zero artificial intelligence involved.

3. He was a Jedi Knight

Darth Vader was a Jedi Knight who served the Order during the Clone Wars. Although an adept fighter, Darth’s Force potential was limited.

Darth Vader suffered extensive bodily harm on Mustafar, with both of his arms severed and body burned severely, leaving him physically wounded and unable to use all his Force powers effectively.

4. He was a Sith

Darth Vader started his career as a Jedi Knight, yet eventually transitioned into one of the most infamous Sith Lords ever seen in history. One of his powers as an immensely powerful Force user could even frighten Darth Vader himself!

The Sith are a group of former Jedi who have chosen the dark side. They are an inhuman and totalitarian organization who believe they have the right to control all galactic populations.

5. He was a Jedi Master

Before Darth Vader became one of the Sith Lords, he was once a Jedi Master and expert practitioner of the Force. During this period of his career he trained many apprentice Jedi.

As a Jedi, he took great pride in his abilities with the Force and ability to wield a lightsaber. However, he also had a deep sense of compassion for others and an empathy toward their plight.

6. He was a Jedi Knight

Darth Vader was the Dark Lord of the Sith, serving as Emperor Palpatine’s oppressive arm and hunting down any Jedi or Force-sensitive being who may present threats to the Empire.

As an ex-Jedi, Vader was widely considered one of the most accomplished Force users in the galaxy; unfortunately, however, his physical limitations limited his true potential.

7. He was a Sith Lord

When we think of Darth Vader, most assume he began as a Jedi Knight; however, that’s far from the truth. Instead, Darth Sidious seduced him to join the Dark Side and transformed him into the powerful, merciless Sith Lord we know today.

Darth Vader first appeared in Star Wars as Grand Moff Tarkin assigned him the task of retrieving plans for the Death Star battle station and later becoming its fierce protector, hunting down Jedi survivors.

8. He was a Jedi Master

Prior to the destruction of the Galactic Republic, Jedi Masters taught their students to become Jedi Knights. Luke Skywalker and Yoda were among those known for this devotion; there were others as well who gave their lives for protecting the Force.

Vader was initially part of the Jedi Order before turning to the Dark Side and becoming a Sith Lord. Although powerful, he still held soft feelings towards Jedi.

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