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Create A Niche In The Real Estate Market With The Sturdy Zillow Clone Solution

Let users have the convenience of searching their safe haven with your Zillow like app. Whether it is for searching a cozy house or a lavish villa, buying any property let that be at an arm’s reach with the Zillow Clone. Take this very moment, as the best opportunity to develop the app!



We all know that a lot of things have changed when comparing how things were done before a decade and now. There are just two things that play a significant role in this complete transformation, and those are smart phones and on-demand applications. They have altered our lifestyle by offering us more than what we could wish. 

Everything is being brought to our attention quickly because of the online presence of various businesses like food, apparel, transportation, etc. Now the spotlight is slowly being shown upon the real estate industry as well. A tremendous example is the introduction of the Zillow like app.

The app is doing a tremendous job in listing the categories of the properties online. People are loving the concept of searching online, as they are providing efficiency and convenience. Buying a property or a house is the best choice for long-term investments, and the demand for such apps is increasing rapidly. The benefits and features they are offering are helping people by the unique filtrations and some accurate suggestions they are providing. 

Many entrepreneurs just like you are turning their attention towards building Zillow Clone, looking at the benefits and the way they are making success. But what needs to be understood is that, before getting into the development of the app, there needs to be clarity in taking the consecutive steps. 

This blog is here to take you through the journey of knowing what those essential steps are. So, come, let’s dive in right away. 

Pertinent steps to be followed while developing a Zillow Clone:

  • Build a more robust management system: 

While developing a real estate app, you must need a robust lead management system that lets the builders and features keep track of every client. Since it is a real estate business, getting a sale and maintaining follow-ups with every client can be exhaustive. Also, ensure to keep the software updated to get a buyer on the website and to drive traffic by offering them a 24/7 functional app. 

  • Provide an automatic response: 

Follow up plays a crucial role in the real estate business. When you stick to providing a proper follow-up, you can get a sale from almost everyone. Make sure to provide automatic responses from the app through mail or texts, as an automated follow-up method, until an agent takes over the client. Ensure to create a feeling that they are essential to you. 

  • Bring in the magic of virtual reality:

As technology is the main ingredient of every app’s success, add some special features to make your app stand unique. One best idea is Virtual Reality; since it is liked by everyone regardless of their age. You can give your clients a 3D video tour of the sites they are looking for with the VR enabled house video. This feature will help a lot in faster decision making, and the engagement will also increase considerably. 

  • Launch an app rather than just a website:

When you are providing an online service, developing a productive website that is targeting homebuyers and investors is good but let’s be honest here, only a very few people are availing the services from PC. Most people spend most time only on mobile apps. There is no doubt that people search for properties and realtors from mobile phones more than from PCs. So try developing a mobile-optimized website/ application. 

You can create an app from the Zillow Clone script that is available with several development companies. The crucial reason you should consider developing a mobile app is that the user experience will increase by several times while providing them with a virtual tour of the property. 

Intrinsic features of Zillow Clone solution:

Here is a glimpse of some essential features of the solution. There are many more exciting and unique features that you could add to make it unique anyhow. 

  • Property list: Admins can list as many properties they want under the categories, residential and commercial, which can be further divided into rent, sell, and lease.
  • Management of bids: Both the builders and agents can create a proposal for a specific property with both the lowest and highest amount along with the deadline dates. Users can bid for the desired price and can speak directly to the agents about it. The bid comes to an end when either the highest amount is reached or at the deadline date.
  • Advanced search: Using this feature, the users can search for a specific property, and they can look for that particular location through the map to see if the neighborhood suits them.
  • Mark search: Users can save an investigation, and they will get an alert in case of any updates that are related to that particular search.
  • Value calculators: There are several types of calculators in the platform that comes in handy for the users to see if they find that property eligible.


The decision to build a real estate clone is the right move in this period. So without further doubts, get to the development company right now and launch your wagon right away! 

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