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Costs You Might Not Consider When Running A Construction Business



The construction industry is booming with so many homes being built in states like Florida. The exodus of large cities due to remote work opportunities has led to the states of Florida and Texas seeing huge population growth. Building a business can be a challenge in an area where it is saturated with other construction businesses. Whether your business specializes in residential or commercial construction, there are tactics that will help a business succeed. Below are some costs you might not have considered when running a construction business. 

Delays Leading To Increased Labor Costs 

Delays are a part of construction projects regardless of size as they can happen for a variety of reasons. Client approval is a holdup on some projects while difficulty accessing materials can be other issues. Weather is another factor as days at a time can be lost when there are intense rains or flooding. 

Increased labor costs due to delays need to be covered during the contract negotiation process. The last thing any company wants is to lose money on a project due to delays out of the control of anyone involved in the project. There is a chance that you had a team that needs to travel to complete a project by a deadline. It is not uncommon for a construction crew to live near the project for months at a time. Lodging costs along with per diem for food will continue to pile up if there are frequent delays. Take into consideration any delays and work expected delays into the calculation of the possible completion date. 

Materials Continuing To Increase In Price

Inflation is one of the most important topics discussed today. The truth is that wages are not matching up with inflation leading to a growing lower class. Materials are going to increase in price due to increases in shipping prices. Shipping prices are directly impacted by the continually rising gas prices whether shipping scaffold planks or tile for flooring. 

There are going to be clients that lock prices in for materials. A clause in the contract limiting this to a certain percentage is imperative. Projecting costs of materials for a project that might take years is difficult if not impossible. 

Marketing Costs 

Marketing can be very important in any niche of business. Digital marketing can drive online leads for a business and establish them as a legitimate option for potential clients to choose. Ranking at the top of search engine results can be crucial for a construction business of any size. Consumers will not scroll through pages of results if they find what they need in the first few results. The design of the website should also be pristine and include photos of completed projects. Showcasing completed projects can be important when a client is making a decision between two companies. 

Costs of running any business need to be considered when setting pricing. Winging it in the construction industry is a recipe for disaster as you are usually tied up in ironclad contracts for the services provided.

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