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Clancey Braxton Yohman: Five Marketing Hacks Every Business Owner Should Know



Clancey Braxton Yohman business tips

For every individual who owns a business, making a profit is the crucial goal, which supersedes the actual act of providing for a target market some specific goods and services. However, even when the goods and services offered are of the highest quality, there is no guarantee that the business will be patronized for reasons like a lack of awareness from possible prospects.

This highlights the importance of marketing as a critical component of ensuring a company’s success in the face of several competitors who may provide similar services. With marketing, the business is promoted to the right people who could turn into customers.

In this interview, marketing expert Clancey Braxton Yohman has shared a few hacks every business owner should know to help upscale their business.

Can you explain the importance of marketing for a business?

Every business needs marketing because marketing connects the owner with the target market and provides a vehicle for promoting the brand. Without it, the company will not grow because it won’t be seen.

The significance of marketing extends to being a tool that may aid a business owner in influencing how the public perceives the brand, such as by disseminating positive information about the company or countering a smear campaign.

What hacks do you have for businesses to help them market their brand?

Business owners can apply several marketing hacks to help market and grow their brands. The first two, which work in tandem, are marketing through traditional means – tv, radio, rallies, and conferences- and using the new-generation social media marketing method.

Once that’s done, the prospective lead can be courted via email marketing and influencer marketing. 

Businesses should also offer customers freebies, exclusive offers on their purchases, and loyalty points that can be cashed out later.

Which one of the hacks above you just mentioned is the most important and why?

The most important of the bunch is marketing through social media. Billions of people now utilize platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

A well-crafted marketing content placed on any of such platforms will have a more extended reach than traditional means and ultimately bring in prospective leads that can turn into long-term customers.

Do these hacks apply to both small and big businesses?

Whether the business owner runs a small or big company, marketing hacks work in any scenario. The only significant difference is the scale at which it can be applied, as small businesses would only have small budgets to utilize, while big companies can go all out for their target.

How often should business owners review their marketing strategies?

Every day, companies emerge that similarly offer products and services like already preexisting businesses. Hence, business owners need to review their marketing strategies constantly; otherwise, their business will fade away quickly.

When marketing strategies are reviewed constantly, the business can adjust to the ever-changing desires and tastes of the target market and continue to achieve the goal of making a profit while providing top-notch products and services.

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