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Catch On To The Crucial Steps Of Zoom Clone Development With This Extensive Guide

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Out of the many unforgettable memories and scenarios that happened around the world, if people would have to choose a common thing that impacted and left them shocked, it would not be just the year 2020. Social distancing, pandemic, work from home, these were the words repeated every time someone has to read, listen or see something. But one thing that held everything together from destroying despite the many difficulties is the video conferencing. 

If not for these video conferencing apps like Zoom, many businesses would have faced a considerable decline, unfortunately. They came to the rescue by offering its fantastic platform to conduct meetings online. According to a Techcrunch report, the video conferencing apps were installed around 62 million times in just a week in March 2020, including for personal uses. By this, you might realize the sparks that the industry is holding. 

Therefore, if you are a budding entrepreneur aspiring to develop a highly superior video conferencing app, then you are on the perfect track, as the market is still brimming with tremendous opportunities. So, without any more delays, let’s get you into the blog that is going to show you a sliver of steps to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom Clone.

Three reasons to show that you are right!

Presenting to you the three reasons to show you why developing Zoom Clone is a green signal. 

  • If your objective is to create a video conferencing app to earn handsome revenue, which I guess it is, then you have to ensure that the market is healthy and flourishing. So, here’s good news for you, the video conferencing market is competent in proffering your app development.
  • Wondering how? Let’s look at the stats. According to Global Market Insights, the market of video chat apps will cross the revenue of $50 billion by the year 2026. Because of the cancellation of many events and the impact of the pandemic, there is a huge assurance for you that the video conferencing market is not going to face a downfall in the near future.
  • Not just the corporations or businesses, but according to a study, even the education industry are making their entries into the video conferencing market by holding more than 10% of their share in it. 
  • Even though the pandemic has got over, due to the overwhelming benefits of the video conferencing apps, they are still used by people for work, handling procedures, and staying connected with their homies. According to Statista, the downloads of video chatting apps increased by more than 100% in March 2020 across the world. It quickly shows us how impactful these apps have turned out to be. 

  • Trajectory to develop a Zoom Clone app

Building an app is not exactly rocket science, but it may seem so when the development is unplanned or unclear. For building an app, you need to take time, do a powerful study, and plan your strategy. Let’s explore some other points you should follow for developing a Zoom Clone. 

  • The rock-hard idea and market research

Whether building the original version or remodeling, you must make sure to conduct an entire market analysis. Discover some plans of your competitors by installing their apps and look for the strengths and weaknesses of the app. Learn what the things that people like or hate about the app are. Try to bring that out into a plan, and add some special components to the app. Once you are sure about the unique touch, you can start finding your target audience. 

  • Enticing and sleek video conference app designs

Once a clear idea is set, and you have decided about your target audience, you must begin to set a UI/UX design for your users that is more attractive. If your target audience is millennials, add some attractive and colorful design. If the app is supposed to allure enterprises, then use some soothing colors. Anyhow, if the app is developed for a wide range of audiences, make it simple and intuitive. 

  • Backend 

It is the backbone of the development process. All the important aspects like database, app server, and web server come under the app’s backend development. The backend development depends basically on the functionalities that you want to bring in the application. Scalability is one of the important prospects, as your app should be able to function smoothly while used by a huge number of users simultaneously. 

  • Technology stack

You might want to choose the platform to launch your app, whether it is Android or iOS, or both. Languages like Java and Kotlin can be used for Android app development, and Objective-C and Swift can be used for developing the iOS app. If you can’t bring yourself to choose these, then get straight to the app development company to purchase Zoom Clone scripts, as they are way easier. 

  • Testing

Before launching, this crucial step should be followed to launch an error and bug-free video chatting app. 

Wrapping up, 

Though Zoom has become a benchmark, there are still ample chances for you to create a presence in the market. So stop having doubts and start mapping your success in the industry right now!

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