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7 Cleaning Hacks for a Fresh Start in Your New Home



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Moving into a new home can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. With all the packing, unpacking, and arranging, it’s easy to overlook cleaning your new living space thoroughly. However, starting with a clean slate is essential for making your house feel like a home. Here are seven cleaning hacks that will help you achieve a fresh start in your new home.

Start with a Deep Clean

The first step to having a clean home is to start with a deep clean. This means tackling all the areas that are often overlooked in regular cleaning such as baseboards, ceiling fans, and vents. It’s also essential to pay attention to hidden spaces like under furniture and behind appliances. A thorough deep clean will ensure that your home is free from any accumulated dust and dirt, providing a clean foundation for your new living space.

Opt for Natural Cleaning Products

When cleaning your home, it’s crucial to choose the right products that are safe for you and the environment. Instead of harsh chemicals, opt for natural cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. These items are not only effective in cleaning but also safe for your family and pets. You can even make DIY cleaners using these ingredients to save money and reduce waste.

Don’t Neglect Your Carpets

Carpets can harbor a lot of dirt, dust, and allergens that can impact the air quality in your new home. It’s essential to give your carpets a deep clean before moving in. You can hire a professional carpet cleaning service or rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself. This will help remove any stains, odors, and allergens, leaving your carpets fresh and clean for your new living space.

Use Essential Oils for a Fresh Scent

After a deep clean, you may want to add a fresh scent to your home. Instead of using chemical-filled air fresheners, opt for essential oils. Not only do they provide a natural and long-lasting scent, but they also have therapeutic benefits. You can use them in a diffuser or mix them with water and spray the mixture around your home. Some popular options for a fresh scent include lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus.

Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

When moving into a new home, it’s essential to clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly. These are often areas that accumulate grease, grime, and food particles over time. For a quick and effective cleaning solution, mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and use it to clean your stovetop, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Don’t forget to also wipe down the exteriors of your appliances for a sparkling finish.

Declutter as You Unpack

Moving into a new home is an excellent opportunity to declutter and get rid of items that you don’t need or use. As you unpack, set aside items that you no longer want and donate them to charity or sell them online. This will not only help you minimize clutter in your new home but also give these items a second life with someone who may need them.

Stay Organized

Lastly, staying organized is key to maintaining a clean home. Invest in storage solutions and declutter regularly to prevent unnecessary mess from accumulating. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it, so you don’t fall behind on tidying up your new living space. With these tips, your new home will stay fresh and clean for a long time.


Moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and create a clean living space for you and your family. With these cleaning hacks, you can achieve a spotless home while also being mindful of the products you use and minimizing clutter. By starting with a deep clean, using natural products, and staying organized, you can enjoy a clean and refreshing new home.

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