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6 Benefits of Using Customer Portal

Out of billions, the customer portal is the first solution you should opt for to stand aside in this technically competitive crowd. Here are some of the benefits that it serves. Have a look at it.



Still wondering how to bring more customer centricity in your business? If you have a look at all the top organizations in the world, you will notice one thing in common. Their activities revolve around the needs, expectations, and convenience of their customers. And, you already know that customer centric policies are more capable of sharpening your business by offering a competitive edge and turning it into a sustainable business model.

So, how can you make your business customer-centric? Customer portal solutions is the answer. Customer portal centers on the convenience of customers. You can customize features for your customer portal according to your requirements and budget. Make sure it adds value to your customer’s experience. Customer portal can help you with this by providing you with following 6 benefits:

Self-Service Troubleshoot Websites

Customer portal shares a range of information to help the customers in finding a solution to their problems on their own. Often, common questions are easily solvable without the intervention of a human/customer care executive. For this, you can share ‘how to’ posts with images, videos, manuals, and also FAQ pages. For specific queries, customers can leave a query through their registered account, and your customer care staff can answer it later through mails.

  • Customer Engagement

Customer portal helps in increasing your interaction with customers. It is a very necessary factor for a healthy business. It allows you to present your ideas by writing a blog post, article, or making videos. You can display the current stage of development of a particular product or service there. Additionally, you can receive feedback from your customers on your products or displayed content. You can make sure that you and your customers’ point of view is on the same page. It will help you to know the requirements and expectations of your customers. Moreover, you can generate news, tips and assistance related to a product. Presenting them to your customers will make them more knowledgeable about your brand. This will also form strong brand loyalty.

  • Reduced Cost

One of the benefits of having a customer portal includes reducing labor costs by providing FAQs and helpful blogs or videos on the site. Eventually, this increases the productivity and job satisfaction of your employees. Because they would not have the monotonous task of answering the same questions repeatedly. The number of abandoned calls and waiting-time on inbound calls will also minimize.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Better service and faster solutions can make any customer happy. This also promotes ‘word of mouth’ marketing when they recommend your brand to other people. There is no doubt that word of mouth publicity is one of the most reliable and powerful forms of communication. It can generate a number of business prospects. But the question which arises is how can you drive customer satisfaction? Well the answers lies in these features of customer portals:

  • One-click sign-in
  • Easy navigation
  • Responsive layout
  • Knowledge base
  • Ticket submission
  • Customer forum
  • Search option
  • Boost Web Traffic

Good use of a customer portal will generate a lot of traffic to your website. So, make sure you choose your features wisely. Make sure that your customers find the relevant information on the resource pages. This will make them stay on the pages for a longer time. This is a vital factor considered by search engines while determining the rank of your website. Alongside, a constant buzz about your website will also improve its rankings and bring in more sales and engagements.

Final Words

In today’s competitive business environment, where one lost customer can show your business graph curving down, a customer portal development is a sure-shot way to thrive.  It brings you productivity, enhances your customer experience, and accelerates the sales count.

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