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5 Products Helping the Medical Field Manage COVID



Medical Field

The pandemic has taken over the world, and it has led to many hours having to be worked by medical professionals and scientists to try to find a cure and treat patients. These new products are technologically innovative and have the ability to assist in the fight against the coronavirus so that life can return as close to normal as soon as possible. Technologies such as 3D printers and technologies that have to do with CRISPR have come to be popular in the medical field during this fight. Continue reading below to learn more about five of the best products that have aided in the fight.

1. 3D Printers

The first piece of technology which is a product that is helping in the fight against the coronavirus is a 3D printer. These printers are allowing for even the testing supplies to be created quickly so that medical personnel can receive them at their specific offices as quickly as possible. There is a technology company that is known as Axial3D which has been utilizing its 3D printers and technologies to create these swabs that are required. The printers are also creating face shields to be used for medical personnel, pieces fr ventilators which are helping patients breathe, and more.

2. Automated Data Technologies

Artificial intelligence has become increasingly important to medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic as it is allowing medical personnel to enter medical data in an automated manner. Sensors are being utilized to provide monitoring for patients’ vital numbers while in a hospital or while at a doctor’s office. Doctors can choose the artificially intelligent technologies that work best for them, whether those be wearable or portable. Technology staff will work behind the scenes to help install these automated products behind the scenes within the firewall that is already at the hospital or the medical center. Additionally, medical billing software has been implemented throughout medical centers to compile data and costs for each individual patient.

3. Smartphones

Smartphones have always been important in the community, but they are becoming even more important to medical personnel in the fight against the coronavirus. Doctors can download an application called DocDot directly on their smart devices or tablets to monitor the vital signs of their patients from any location that they are at. It showcases the heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress data and more, while also showcasing the geographic location so that medical personnel can learn where hotspots are. It helps to understand where the pandemic is growing and where the disease is spreading to stop the spread.

4. Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment has become absolutely necessary for medical professionals, first of all, though there was a shortage at the beginning of the pandemic. Airway management systems in hospitals have made it difficult for doctors as it encourages the spread, so it is essential for these doctors to have masks and face shields that they need. One new piece of personal protective equipment is known as the AerosolShield. This piece of equipment works as a tent that covers the doctor’s head, neck, and chest to keep them as safe as possible.

5. Ventilators

The final piece of equipment that became so important during this coronavirus pandemic is the ventilator as it assisted patients in breathing. The ventilator is low-cost so that more hospitals can have access to it, while it still performs the same level of standards as a high-cost ventilator. The valves are easier to manage and maintenance is easy to perform on these low-cost ventilators such as the JAMVENT. These ventilators can be used quicker in order to get as many patients the oxygen they need which may be life-saving in the circumstances that you are under.

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but it has been especially difficult for the individuals who work in the medical field. There have been numerous products that have assisted in the fight against the disease so that medical professionals can provide the best care to patients that is possible. Personal protective equipment is also so important as it allows the medical staff to stay safe so that they can provide the care that is needed. These products have truly helped in the fight and have been able to slow the spread.