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Nomad Touch – A unique brand that brings exclusive curated products that are creative to the core.



Nomad Touch is a platform that has an array of advanced and trendiest gaming products and exquisite decor that are exceptionally distinct in nature. It was launched in the year 2019, with the sole aim of introducing enchanting products that have never been seen before. The curated items are specifically introduced for their clients whom they lovingly call Nomads.

The stores collection comprises of curated merchandise from local skilled workers and craftsmen. Each of its products are handcrafted that makes it one of its kind. The primary vision of Nomad Touch is to create products that are an amalgamation of the medieval era and 21st century technological advancements with the aim of giving it’s clients unconventional products that are never to be found in most of run-of-the-mill shopping centers or malls. Nomad Touch believes in providing quality product with a twist of their own flavour and style which makes it stand out from the crowd and has its own appeal which draws the attention of those who have an eye for idiosyncratic items.

Nomad Touch believes in continuously improving their product range to keep it up to customers satisfaction, and they have indeed succeeded in achieving this big time. Their positive customer reviews have not only improved their market standing but have also helped them emerge as a trusted brand globally. Over the years, Nomad Touch had gained popularity, and it’s ever growing number of clients are a proof to it.

Nomad Touch had been consistently trying to create an impact by indulging in philanthropic activities and have joined hands with various charities which work towards the upliftment and welfare of the underprivileged. To support this cause they have launched a campaign ‘Buy Anything- Serve the society. 30% of the proceeds which are raised from this campaign are donated to various charities that they have partnered with.

Nomad Touch is way ahead of its contemporaries when it comes to serving it’s customers or community. With its ever expanding base which stretches out to USA, China, India and UK, Nomad Touch is all set conquer the whole globe with its ever endearing presence.

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