$1.2 Million in Free Advertising From Jacksonville Marketing Agency for Small Businesses



Justin Kunst, CEO of Timber Wolf Advertising

Jacksonville, FL — In a timely boost for local businesses facing the ongoing challenges of market competitiveness and digital visibility, Timber Wolf Advertising announced the launch of a $1.2 million dedication for supporting small business advertising. This strategic initiative is set to empower businesses with essential advertising services, underlining Timber Wolf’s commitment to fostering economic growth and business resilience.

Key to this program is a free SEO Starter Package, a $500 value offer designed to enhance businesses’ online presence. Funded entirely by Timber Wolf, this package includes SEO audits, keyword research, website optimization, and a strategic marketing consultation—all without any upfront cost. This offer, available on a first-come, first-served basis, exemplifies the agency’s pledge to help businesses thrive online.

Justin Kunst, CEO of Timber Wolf Advertising, emphasized the importance of partnership and trust in business growth. “Our initiative is more than just immediate support, it’s about building lasting relationships and demonstrating our commitment to the success of our clients. We’re offering businesses a chance to experience our services firsthand, ensuring they have the tools to succeed before committing further,” Kunst said.

Businesses looking to capitalize on this offer are urged to reach out to Timber Wolf Advertising promptly to secure their SEO Starter Package and explore a full range of advertising solutions designed to drive growth.

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